Printing QR Codes

Here's how to print a Line Cleaning QR code sheet for your establishment: - Go to the establishment's manager page ( - Click on the establishment that you need to print a QR code for. - Click on Line Cleaning button. - In the options menu, top right, click on the Print QR Code link. - Save as pdf. - Print and post.

Best Practices Manual

How to ensure that you get the most from our program. This guide is made up of the best practices used by the most successful clients we've had on our program. Insiders Guide - Getting The Most From Better Beer.pdf (

On-boarding Manual

Must read resource for anyone who is new to Better Beer to understand the Admin section of our site. Covers how to: Changing your password Viewing your Review Results Assigning Passcodes Tracking Your Staff's Progress Unlocking Staff Line Cleaning Beer Clean Glasses Updating Your Tap Listings Using the Resources Section

How To Rest Your Password - Admin

Understanding The Courses

Wondering which course to assign to who?

Viewing Resources

Video - how to view, download, and print articles from the Resources section.

Recording Line Cleaning - QR Code

Video - If you are a line cleaner, you can record your cleans by using the QR code posted outside of the walk-in.

View Line Cleaning History

Video - how to view and edit your line cleaning history.

Recording Line Cleaning - Through Admin Site

Video - If you can log into our site as a manager of one of our clients, then you can record any line cleaning this way.

Tap Listings Best Practices

It is important that the brands are on the correct lines and in the correct order. This way the line cleaner can quickly identify the lines they are cleaning. Also, the brands need to be updated as they change in real-time (or shortly after) so the list is accurate and so that the cleaner can check off the correct brand. Example, if the Steamwhistle cleaner comes in and there is no Steamwhistle listed, they can't record their cleans. The brands listed in our system should correspond with the wa...

Changing Tap Listings

Video - How to change the brands you have on tap in our system. This must be kept up-to-date to ensure that the line cleaners can record the correct lines that they clean. Please also read the Best Practices article to ensure your taps are listed properly.

Setting Your E-mail Preferences

How to control which emails you receive from us.